Q. What speed of service is available from Vasavi Prosoft Transcription Ltd.?
Our standard service is the fastest available from any major provider, usually under 24 hours, although we quote 24 - 48 to allow for any unusual circumstances. STAT (rush) service is available by request, and is generally under 6 hours.

Q. How does Vasavi Prosoft Transcription Ltd. handle customer support?
To ensure rapid and reliable delivery of reports, Vasavi Prosoft Transcription Ltd. has a qualified technical support system in place. Our System Administrators oversee the daily administration of our computer systems and address operational and/or technical issues that arise during the course of normal operations. All issues can be addressed to these people, they will solve the problems quickly and to your satisfaction. Additionally, our Technical Group also has a number of specialists who support during client startups and emergency situations. Finally, as a technology organization, we have in-house software developers whose job it is to continuously strive for a better technology platform that is rolled out on a periodic basis. The continued success and growth of this dynamic organization has been achieved by providing our clients with the technology they need at cost competitive rates. By using our offshore organization, we have been able to become a true partner with Health Information Management Departments of all sizes.

Q. How do you insure quality?
Our Transcriptionists have at least Bachelor's Degrees and are trained in accordance with AAMT Standards. We also have Physicians as proofreaders and two levels of proofreading.

Q. Can I get personalized service?
Vasavi Prosoft Transcription Ltd., will need any special format or instructions you desire your transcription to be in. You can send your formats directly to us via fax at 978.897.3135 and we will follow your instructions.

Q. What if we need corrections?
We will handle post-dictation alterations when you desire. Please send the report with changes directly to us via fax at 978.897.3135 - the report will be restructured with only a charge of the changes being made.

Q. I don't want to commit to a contract without a guarantee or previous experience with your company. What can you do for me?
Vasavi Prosoft Transcription Ltd. wants you to be comfortable with such an important decision as this. It is an attractive consideration to save 20 - 40% on all your transcription services, but what if our service does not please you or match our represented claims? The answer is a free, full-featured trial. Call today to begin the process of testing our system risk free. You will be pleased with the results!

Q. How am I charged?
You will be charged on a per line basis - however the difference ends here from typical transcription services. A line is described as 65 character-keystrokes rather than a line defined as "a line". This means that you can dictate header parts and other major body systems as separate lines facilitating a quick review of the patient's notes.

Q. How much work does it take to switch to Vasavi Prosoft Transcription Ltd. service?
The burden is on us, not you, to quickly assess your preferred means of uploading and downloading data. We will adjust to your procedures and technology so that the change is seamless for you. We can accommodate virtually all current technologies and data transfer methods, and provide you with TOLL-FREE lines or other connectivity tools if preferred.

Q. How do I begin?
Call us today or use the contact form on this site. A representative will speak with you and answer any questions you may have, and prepare a proposal that will detail the steps involved and the savings you are likely to have over your current transcription method