Typically we offer two solutions to medical practices:

Dictations using our TOLL-FREE telephone numbers and/or
Dictations using market available dictaphones that can connect to a PC.

We offer "TOLL-FREE Line" services to hospitals, groups of doctors and physicians’ offices. The dictations, through TOLL-FREE lines or through the PC at medical practices, are recorded/uploaded and brought into our servers, then subsequently uploaded to our own secure FTP site for transcription.

Workflow: A suite of services is used to manage the job from start to finish. Our technology allows transcriptionists to receive jobs by proper allocation, scheduling and tracking of progress, ending with delivery to the customer.

Transcription Hardware and Software: The Vasavi Prosoft Transcription Ltd., system is extremely flexible. Being a technology organization, we are able to help you leverage your investment. We work with you to design a path to continue to use the existing hardware and software at your offices. We will make it possible to accept voice files in different formats (Dictaphone, DVI, Lanier, etc.) and process these without any change of procedure on your part.

Return of Completed Reports: The transcribed reports are sent to doctors by e-mail as an attachment by next working day. Encryption/decryption facility for reports sent through e-mail is available free of charge ensuring confidentiality through to receipt.

Security: For secure data transfer over the Internet we use the following methods: Secure Socket Layer (128-bit) encryption for data transfer using FTP protocol. The user/doctors have to install the software on their PC if they use the Dictaphone system. Doctors use a 4-digit password to access the dictation server and to unscramble the Transcribed Zip files. Any faxed/e-mailed document also has a Legal Disclaimer desisting un-authorized recipients from further dissemination.

The following diagram will help you understand our security infrastructure: